Cusheeba Earth, A Soil Culture Farm

Jason and Adrienne, parents⁵, self-directed scholars, encourage self-determination, potential awareness, and generational legacy; building sustainable systems on their farm and forest property; fascinated with soil fertility; inspired by ancient farming methods, regenerative strategies, and the niche and specialty food markets.

April 7th 2022

March 23rd 2022

2022 CSA Summer Fall, Limited Shares

March 23rd 2022

March 23rd 2022

Lip balm #commandingculture

March 23rd 2022

March 17th 2022

March 7th 2022

March 5th 2022

Strength of a lion, humility of a lamb

March 2nd 2022

March 1st 2022

February 28th 2022

February 27th 2022

Jason built these seeding templates for accuracy and to save time this season!

February 22nd 2022

February 20th 2022

February 20th 2022

#desire and intention

However do you want me!

However do you need me!

February 19th 2022

February 19th 2022

All the sweet allium – bulbous herbs, pungent and powerful, accentuate the palette

February 18th 2022

February 6th 2022