Cusheeba Earth, A Soil Culture Farm

Onley, Virginia

2022/season 4: Undone, Well Done

Sigh, and breathe. Inhale and consume circling list(s). Pause, then scribe and spiral along through realized thoughts, new ideas, and chronic do-overs. While perfect shivers reverb in the cries of my toddler, potholes in my lawn, required CE credits, etc. Victories are synced in the stillness of blogs, but angles shadow the brash of confused paralysis in our discoveries. Yet taken all together, deep exhales and slow walks warm the quiet chaos. A firm hand pressed to my shoulder urges me to stare within the blue screen of the sky, and study my lines. Whispered counting of each 'to do', 'almost finished', 'wish lists', 'spreadsheets', 'notes scratched on the back of junk letters', and stuff 'in the cart'. Time is Art.



*Ten (10) thirty foot (30') beds in production *Over thirty (3o) staple and specialty varieties *Launched 18-week CSA Program *Explore partnerships with local growers, markets and restaurants *Print and Radio Advertising *Ground Cover *Walk-in Cooler *Independent Irrigation *Farm Event Coordinator *Farmers Market *On-Farm Garden Market *Salad Mix

2021/season 3: butterfly and the fox

the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another

ever forward, the minute slides in granular frames and I recall my fuzzy reflection beside a raindrop, the familiar carpet of humus and leaves appear fresh, dark winter gives way to pink tones of morning, shining comfort dissolves the fleshy walls and I'm consumed within the force of my wing, a rush of love in the end, fluttered colors catch the scent of a peculiar form in a crouch and poised to pounce, delightful and sly, my creative companion coaxes me into a curios, reveling journey, and then instinct patiently orbits and senses a soft landing among this mysterious nowness, an unknowing wisdom becomes..  freedom

2020/Season 2: To Build A Garden

Seeds & Nursery, Vermicompost, Mushroom Compost, Soil Mix, Craftsman Construction Table, Low Tunnel, Box Raised Beds, Keyhole Raised Beds, Earth Raised Beds, Multi-Story Raised Beds, Rebar Trellis, Lower & Lean Trellis, Fencing, Landscape Fabric, PVC Pipes, Bush Hog, Geothermal High Tunnel, Deep Well & Irrigation, Farmers Market

Early start this time 'round, while the scotch bonnets overwintered, and the last Pumpkin stood guard from its curing tower. Our seed list sprouted into conversational starters snugly illuminated within their nursery. Dazzling Blue kale and Utah Tall celery graduated from trays to cups to grow bags. Monster Yellow and Ozark Giant peppers followed eagerly. In a chorus of tomatoes, Brad's Atomic, Green Doctor and Blue Beauties commanded away the cold Spring nights in crescendo, echoing well into mid-May and hoarsely in June. And once outside Green Choy, Red Wing Lettuce and Butter Crunch lettuce sighed relief in color.

Cusheeba Gardens menu.. evolving under mixed- media construction; also includes, cucumbers, beets, onions, okra, brussel sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, peas, eggplant, sweet potato, greens, radish, spinach, carrots, mushrooms and callaloo.. oh, callaloo!

2019/Season 1: Ethnic & Specialty Crops

Jamaican Callaloo 

Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Pepper & Puerto Rican and

Jamaican Pumpkin

Cusheeba Earth Farm grows out of the life experiences of artist, Jason Granston; and his creative culture brand, Cusheeba. An entrepreneur at a young age, he operated several family businesses with his mother, Marcia; including, selling fruit, vegetables and wares at markets across Jamaica, and eventually his own designs.

Jason and Adrienne, parents of self-directed scholars, encourage self-sufficiency, potential awareness, and generational legacy. Naturally, they are building sustainable systems on their 40 acre farm and forest property; focused on soil fertility; and inspired by ancient farming methods, alternative conservation strategies, and the niche food markets.