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When the name “Africa” ​​did not yet exist, we refered to regions of this territory as Kathiopa, land of Ethiopia, land of “Cham”, land of “Coush”, land of “Sheba”, from Alkebulan…

According to the famous historian Ibn Khaldoun, these lands received the name “IFRIQIYA” (Africa) after the invasion of one of the Arab kings of Yemen, who bore the name “Ifriqos bin Qais bin Saifi”, this king will seize the lands of the North (Maghreb, etc.), and from then on these will bear the name referring to him, that is to say “Ifriqya” (Africa).

Moreover, the famous explorer Leon the African, says in his book (cosmographia de affrica) that the name Africa was given by Malek-Afriki, Sabean king, when he invaded northern Africa (current Maghreb).

The Europeans refered to us by the word Africans having for origin the word Ifriqiya, name of a Berber tribe settled in Roman times, between Tunisia and eastern Algeria.

The Arabs refered to us by the word Sudan meaning Blacks.

The Greeks refered to us by the word Ethiopian meaning Burnt Face, and the word Libya designated our continent (Herodotus, History II, 22 and History IV 42).

The name Africa would come from the West by the Romans, who used the name Africa terra

“Terre des Afri” (plural, or “Afer” in the singular) to designate the north of the continent, like the province of Africa with Carthage as its capital, corresponding to present-day Tunisia.

As for the Jews, they refered to us by the word Koushim and our continent by the word Kush, from the name BaKouSou.

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